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Serverless websites run lightning fast, are cheaper, and easier to maintain. Find out how you can be ahead of the competition with static site generator technology.

Fast Websites Australia

Reduce the layers needed to run your website. Our static sites require no database, alleviating the complex and expensive headache of database architecture, and also maintenance costs.

Painfully slow loading website?

Outfox your competitors with faster loading pages. Surge past them in the search engine rankings by possessing website that runs fast and meets Google's standards. We can help you serve pages quicker by removing dynamically generated content, and using a static site generator like Hugo to build your solution.

Slow, complicated, confusing CMS?

Static site generations delivers your users the site they need, at speed, minus the clunky and overly complicated CMS platforms like Wordpress. This type of web build is the future of the common business website - so be ahead of the curve and beat your competitors to the punch.

Losing traffic due to slow loading speeds?

Many website owners are not even aware that they are losing valuable web leads as a result of the slow performance of their website. Talk to use about creating a web solution for your business that ensures visitors on your website never leave due to becoming frustrated with your loading speed.

Static Site Generators

You may have heard about them. The more parts involved to a website, the more vunerabilities and costly maintenance. We remove the need for a database and server side scripting by utilising modern static site generator technology.

Step 1:

Collaborative Ideation
Step 2:

Solution Design
Step 3:

Build & Deploy

Case Study

TCON Group is a powerhouse builder that needed a website that showcased their high quality work without compromising on website performance. We delivered a Hugo Static Site solution that sits on a purpose built Netlify CMS platform - and with a bonus of source control!

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