Transparent Engagement

The 8 factors that determine our pricing:

We intend to be transparent with our project costs. Estimating projects accurately is something we take very seriously as we share mutual goals with our clients in the long run. Our client relationships stretch beyond pure business needs, and we value them higher than anything else in our business.


Previous features worked on for the same project type, and how accurate the scope was based on the reality of what was ultimately delivered.


Technical proficiency required to fulfill the project requirements. This takes into account the cost of hiring individual expertise if contract workers or full time internal employees were to undertake the development as an alternative to us.


A general overview of each feature and the effort in time at our end required to complete these to the highest possible standard of quality.


The time commitment to the project required versus the opportunity cost of competing work in the market.


Historical costs of similar projects our competitors would estimate - we subtract substantially as a result of not requiring added layers of internal structure to complete our projects (ie account managers, mid level managers, marketing resources, junior and mid level development resources, business developers, accounts)


A small percentage (10%) factored into our own business growth and sustainability.


Hourly rate of work required to fulfill all outcomes over the project timeline.


General business resourcing costs such as office space, hardware, software, people and equipment.

Technogoy Stack

Latest industry leading technologies and methodology.

Case Study: Pitcher Partners

Enhancing relationships via digital collaboration.

We built and currently support the key platform used by Pitcher Partners that significantly improves processes through digital workflows.

Stronger as a Team

Let's team up an conquer the world. Here's how we do it.

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