Why You Should Consider Drupal When It Comes To Your CMS

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Smile. Close all your chat windows and read carefully. The following will change your mindset about Drupal. Never be the one who knows nothing about Drupal again.

So what is Drupal CMS?

In the world of Content Management Systems, Drupal is a key part of the conversation. So what exactly are you looking for when it comes to a CMS?

That’s what we are here to find out.

Drupal is free, open source software that can be used by individuals or groups of users - even those lacking technical skills - to easily create and manage many types of Web sites. Distributed under the GNU General Public License. Drupal provides a back-end framework for at least 2.3% of all websites worldwide.

Now that we know what Drupal entails, we can look closely at it’s impact on Content Management Systems.

Why the keen interest

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for expertise in Content Management Systems. You never know what you might stumble upon.

Most people who read this post end up doubling their understanding of Content Management Systems.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who deals with Content Management Systems day in day out. And by the end of reading this article, you just may well be the expert.

Never fear, The time to help you starts now. Consider the following.

Cost effective CMS

Drupal is open sourced software - which means it is free to use for commercial use. Or any use you want for that matter. This can help keep your budget in check compared with a few of the other CMS solutions on the market which can be expensive.

And that wraps up our starting point.

People everywhere are using Drupal

Drupal is the second most widely supported CMS on the planet. Only WordPress has more contributors. This makes Drupal a very safe choice in terms of current modules and plugins. But it also means that more developers will have knowledge of the CMS, making problem solving easier to access.

Now you have two great points. Two points down, let’s get to the next.

Think of your users

Drupal is fast and secure. Some CMS products are loaded with bloatware, which can make them run painfully slow. Having a slow website will infuriate your users. Further, this bloatware requires more maintenance to be performed when it comes to security updates, which means further costs to you in the future. Drupal is developers framework that places large emphasis on speed and features, without compromising on security.

That rounds out another point. This is a great starting point to your basic understanding of Drupal and Content Management Systems. Obviously there are more factors involved, but this forms the bases for a solid foundation.

Basic advantages of Drupal done

And that does it. We now know a lot more about Drupal than when we started.

Perhaps you can even begin writing down some further questions that have arisen as a result of reading this post. For now, this is a great starting point for you.

There is so much that can be discussed on a topic as interesting as Drupal.

What will the future hold for Drupal? Can’t wait to see it unfold.

For now we can only wonder. Now go make yourself a cup of tea. But before you go. Make sure you tell us what you think. And be sure to check out our other articles that relate to Content Management Systems.

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