Why Custom Built Websites Win Against DIY Website Builders

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Take control or your online presence. Throw all your assumptions about custom built websites out the window. Read on to be enlightened. Be the expert when it comes to custom built websites.

Importance of a website in today’s business environment

In the world of digital marketing, websites are the key part of the strategy. The mothership if you will.

Why are custom built websites even worth discussing anyway? Can’t I just build a free site using a DIY Builder that does the same thing? That’s what we are here to find out.

Custom Built Websites are made from scratch by a team of developers. They may sit on a an existing platform like a CMS (Drupal for example), but are designed from the ground up.

DIY Website Builders are quick to create and easy to publish websites that are usually free or cost very little. There is usually a catch, and always a large dip in quality.

Put that in your back pocket for now.

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for expertise in making a choice of website. The things that you find out may really surprise you.

Over 75% of people have no idea what DIY websites and custom built websites actually are.

Ask yourself this - how do I want my business to come across? Now read on.

What you already know

Take a moment to assume you know everything about custom built websites.

Well, which words can you think of in relation to custom built websites.

Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Webstarts?

One day you may need to explain to others about the important differences between custom built websites and DIY website builders.

Remember, knowledge is power. Let’s start at the most logical place.

You get what you pay for

With DIY builders, you are signing your business up to a low cost provider, sometimes free. This means you are compromising in every facet that makes a website effective to grow your online presence.

On top of this, they will trap you in. Providers want to lure you in by making it all seem easy at first. But after you have invested more effort, the cracks begin to show. And by then you have already wasted a substantial amount of time.

Also, many DIY builders make it hard for you to move your site to another provider. In fact, sometimes they will claim ownership of the content on your website. This is part of the ““free website”” deal, you are providing content for ““free”” to them so they can profit from advertisements.

And like that, you already know more than most people.

Now the following must be unpacked.

Restrictive functionality

Many DIY Builders will be inflexible with their look and feel, meaning your site looks like everybody else out there, including your competitors. Good luck standing out in the crowd.

They also are restrictive in the amount of customisation you can achieve. For example, only some elements of the site are accessible, and often you will be stuck with branded watermark logos from you DIY provider, or worse yet, advertisements.

Your business will certainly not look as professional to prospective clients if your website is looking cheap. That does not mean that going down the custom web application path is expensive. Actually, it can be more cost effective in the long run when it comes to adding, moving, upgrading or expanding your website when you custom build. Why? Because you have total control.

Additionally, these DIY builder sites often run painfully slow. Enough to turn your customers away.

Now you have doubled what you know about custom built websites.

Two points down, let’s get to the next.

Needle in a haystack SEO

To follow on from the previous point, your DIY Builder site will be so similar to other sites on that standing out in the SEO game is near impossible.

Google likes investment in websites. It likes production value. It likes uniqueness. Most of all, it loves genuine websites.

Many of the free DIY builder sites that are spun up meet none of these criteria. As a result, they will never rank well in the Google listings.

Investment in a quality website tells Google that you are serious about your business. Not only that, but because you have full access to your website, you will be able to run your digital keyword strategy and content marketing any way that your business desires.

So there you have yet another point.

Tie all these point together and you have a solid foundation.

And this is a great start to forming your own opinion.

These are the main points to remember.

It’s your business at stake

And that does it. You know possess the basics when it comes to custom built websites vs DIY website builders.

Best to spend some time reflecting on what you have just read. For now, this is a great starting point for you.

You’re welcome. And final task. Leave any questions or comments you have below.

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