How Ignoring The Basics Can Impact Your Small Business Website

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Keep this a secret. Grab a cup of tea. Your grasp on small business websites will improve dramatically by the end of this article. Gain enough knowledge to be a key player in digital strategy conversations.

Make or break for small business

Small business websites are the king of marketing when determining the best method of approach towards digital strategy.

What’s the big deal about small business websites anyway?

The answer requires some detailed examination.

A small business is an independently owned and operated company or business that is limited in size and also in revenue depending on the relevant industry.

Keep that definition close as you move on.

Many of the points raised in this article are things we’ve encountered when dealing with small business websites. You will find more answers the further you scroll down the page.

Currently, many people are seeking advanced understanding of small business websites. So let’s find out why.

Bringing people to your business

Make a note of several points that you already think are relevant to small business websites. List some words or ideas that give an insight into your current views about them.

Lead generation come to mind? Customer engagement? Passive income?

These thoughts may come in handy later when you are reading further on in this post.

Don’t worry. This will make things crystal clear.

Without further delay, let’s get stuck in.

Clear, concise summary of product or services

Let us begin with the following.

It may sound obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people stumble on a website and are confused about what the company actually does. Often the user is bombarded with clickable slogans and latest news articles. However, if the user looking for a particular service offering, they need to know you can help with this first and foremost. Otherwise, it is unlikely that they will explore further into your website.

Also, you need to communicate this in the least words possible, particularly on a home or landing page. Tell the user in one or two lines what you offer, and keep it succinct. A user is unlikely to read through a big text chunk of service offerings (at least initially), so tell them as simply as possible what you offer.

Already you have a better understanding of small business websites. That will certainly help you understand the following part.

Easy to get in touch with you

This also seems like a no-brainer. But it is often neglected. Many web agencies do not prioritise this part of a website build. It is often just a contact page with a map tacked on towards the end of development. Although that may be suitable as a bare minimum solution, thought needs to be put into other touchpoints on your website that can encourage users to get in touch with you.

A user should not have to go out of their way to contact you. In fact, many won’t bother unless the process is simple.

And that’s he key. Users are lazy. They are impatient. They get frustrated fast. You need to make contacting you seem like it’s a simple task. A seamless flow in their browsing journey.

Now you have doubled what you know about small business websites. You are doing so well. Move on the next part.

The story of the brand

People want to know who they are dealing with. Gone are the days where a faceless company can robotically present its offerings with positive results. Nowadays, customers want information about a business. What are your values? Who are you? Where have you come from in your journey?

The more personable you present, the more trust that is built with your potential customer. Being relatable, or human, makes you seem more willing to be venerable with your customers, and less to hide. It shows confidence in your expertise, and reflects that you will competently deal with your customers needs.

It also give you a chance to show a softer side. For example, you have two children and a puppy, and play mixed netball on Wednesdays.

When joining these points together, you can now see a clear viewpoint on small business websites - do the basics well.

And this is a great start to forming your own opinion. See, it wasn’t that hard after all if you address the logical aspects business of websites.

There is more to consider

You know have some further knowledge about small business websites. We now know a lot more about the importance of the simple things than when we started. But there is always other ways to improve its performance.

If you remember the key points, you will no longer need to hide when conversations about small business websites arise. Further reading can be undertaken to increase your knowledge about other methods that compliment these basic practices.

There is so much that can be discussed on a topic as interesting as small business websites. Will small business websites continue to be the king of online marketing? Trends suggest they are only becoming more and more important to success.

Let the distractions takeover again. Oh wait. Leave any questions or comments you have below. Don’t forget to check our other articles.

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