Here Are The Truths Behind Social Media And Search Engine Optimisation

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It is that time again. Throw all your assumptions about Social Media out the window. It will all be simpler after reading the following. The rewards will be obvious to all the next time discussion arises around Social Media.

The connection

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimisation requires consideration of many fundamental factors, with Social Media being one of the most important.

As you can guess, there are a lot of opinions about this out there. The answer is dependant on several things.

Social media includes websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. The most commonly known today are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Understood? Great, let’s dive into it.

We are the experts when it comes to Social Media. You never know what you might stumble upon. Everyone who gets to the end of this post end up more knowledgeable on Social Media

What do you see

Close you eyes and imagine you are the king of all things Search Engine Optimisation. What words do you connect to Social Media?

Status updates and like buttons? Pictures of what people are eating for lunch? Pets? Babies? Weddings?

Social Media is far more than this nowadays. If only it was so easy to get an understanding as it was back in the early days.

So settle in for some informative enlightenment. The best place to start is here:

It’s a ranking factor

There is a very obvious place to kick this off.

Google uses Social Media in its page ranking factors. That’s right. Every little like or follow your website or app is getting could be influencing where your site sits in the pecking order on Google. Clearly the more social media counts, the better. Simple as that.

One point down. Next you need to consider the following.

Intimate Space

People trust social media. These platforms give the impression that they are safe comfort zones designed by the user. The power at play here is that the user is connecting with friends, family, colleagues, interests, hobbies, etc. This is the ultimate Circle of Trust. Invading this intimate space is not something you should take lightly. But you should endeavour to become part of this sacred user wolfpack.

So when you post a link to your website in your feed, users who trust you will click the link and end up on your website. So how does all this relate to SEO? Well, the more traffic to your website, the more Google will think that your site is of interest to users. This means more displays in the search results.

And like that, you are learning more and more about Social Media.

Keeps you accountable

Finally, you need to keep up the appearance of being active.

Google loves websites that are constantly updating. It wants to serve fresh content to its users. Having a social media presence will keep you accountable at staying active with your digital presence. More content you create, the more regularly you do it, the better SEO impact you will have on your site.

And that wraps up our third point. Putting these points together forms a solid foundation for your understanding. Obviously there are more factors involved, but this forms the basis for a solid foundation.

See, it wasn’t that hard after all.

Keep up the social chatty

And there you have it. With everything you have learned in this article about Social Media, you can know begin asking your own questions.

Read back through any points that you did not fully understand. That’s all we will cover in this particular snapshot. But isn’t it satisfying to have learned something new.

How will Social Media change in the near future?

We can’t wait to see it unfold. There are likely to be more questions than answers that arise.

Hopefully this knowledge is helpful.

Almost forgot. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Remember to check out the other articles we have on Social Media.

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