5 Proven Ways To Drive Free Traffic To Your Business Website

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It landed on your lap. Place your phone on silent. Get yourself up to speed and feel comfortable on the topic of free web traffic. Even your boss will be impressed by your expertise.

Getting free traffic

Free web traffic is a difficult aim when driving people to your business website. But just how critical is free web traffic in relation to business websites?

The answer is dependant on several factors.

Free web traffic involves visitors who land on your website without any fee or payment spent referring them. Be sure to get a full grasp of this before you move on. This is different from paid campaigns.

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for expertise in business websites. The things you uncover in this post will hopefully assist with your understanding.

Stats suggest that people who show active interest in business websites by reading about it online are more likely to have a better understanding.

Some misconceptions

Start by visualising everything you know about free web traffic. What are these preconceived notions?

Fake traffic and bots sometimes confuse people. This is not real traffic.

Plucking these concepts out of your head will ensure you are truly focused on free web traffic.

Pull on a blanket and continue on. Let’s move into first gear.

1. Social Media referrals

Let’s kick this off with our first point, consider the following.

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool for the savvy small business owner. Utilising it’s power can drive loads of traffic to your website for free.

The best way to do this is via writing interesting and informative articles or blog posts. Once published, use your affiliated social media account, such as Twitter or Facebook, to publish a short relevant blurb and a link to your content.

Then watch the visitors arrive on your lap. Give yourself a moment to let that sink in. The next point is also key.

2: Patient approach to SEO 

SEO is a mystery to most, and it’s easy to be exploited by so called ““experts”” and be taken for an expensive ride.

Truth is, time is indeed the most important SEO factor. The longer your website exists, the_higher Google will rank it. This is reliant on updates being made at regular intervals.

If you are patient and follow an update schedule, the rewards down the track are tons of free visitors from Search Engines like Google.

It takes time - stick at it.

Look at that. You are already more knowledgeable than 5 minutes ago.

Two points down, let’s get to the next.

3: Email Signature  

All business owners have an email account. And most people sign off with their name and contact details. But so many forget to put their website in their email signature.

This is a must do. It not only provides free traffic, but it is a free promotion in an intimate space.

That rounds out another point.

4: Engage in comments on blogs

It’s important to engage with your industry and community. Don’t be afraid to leave comments in posts related to your business, and when allowed (don’t spam), leave a link to your website.

This can lead visitors from other sites to yours without spending a cent.

5: Business Card

No brainer - ensure you have your website address on your business card. People you network with are more curious than you may think. Often they will check out your business just to find out what you do.

After, they may realise they actually need your product or service and they become customers.

Moulding all this together is a fantastic basis for you own opinion. But it doesn’t stop there. There is so much more to know. It’s certainly a great place to start.

Get creative when attracting web traffic

That brings our main points about free web traffic to an end. All fears of not knowing anything about free web traffic have now passed.

Perhaps you can even begin writing down some further questions that have arisen as a result of this post.

Further reading can be undertaken to increase your knowledge. It’s never easy when talking about free web traffic.

Now go make yourself a cup of tea. Almost forgot. Let us know your thoughts too on gaining free traffic.

There are plenty of other posts about business websites so have a look around.

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