3 Advantages Of Custom Built Applications Compared With Off The Shelf

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Ready. Set. Go! Sit back and digest the following. Shortly, the information you read here will make you qualified to discuss custom built applications vs off the shelf products. You'll have the knowledge and confidence required to make the correct decision on your _next project_.

What’s the difference?

Applications are crucial aspect when determining the best method of approach towards innovative engagement with your client base.

So what is the correct way to go about building these digital products?

The answer requires some detailed examination.

Custom software development is the designing and building of software applications for a specific user or bunch of users. This software is designed to specifically address these users' needs and requirements more effectively than off the shelf software can. Off the shelf software is a generic pre-made product that you can purchase.

Great. You now know what both actually are. Now we can move on.

Knowledge about custom built applications is a strength for us. The things you uncover in this post will hopefully assist with your understanding.

People who actively look for information about custom built applications are the ones who end up learning the most and making informed decisions. We encourage you to do your research.

Picture your product

Try to picture an image in your mind that you associate with what you application will look like. Well, what do you see?

Fast running application that allows a user to achieve a task quickly? A beautiful user interface that reflects the identity and values of your brand?

By the end of reading this article, you just may well be closer to achieving these goals. Let the words that follow warm your mind like a big hug from Grandma Knowledge.

Prepare your mind to be blown away. So the first advice:

Craft exactly what you want

To begin, it is best to start with a firm understanding of the following.

A custom built application ensures that you are keeping your focus on the exact need for the product. You are not being led astray by bells and whistles that are included in an off the shelf solution.

You are also building for the specific purpose required. Off the shelf products normally require some backward engineering or compromise to meet the business needs. When you build it from scratch, you can ensure the product meets these needs.

Already you have a better understanding of custom built applications. This puts you in a good place to consider the next part.

Have full control of your product

Many existing off the shelf products allow you to get up and started quicker compared to custom built applications. However, making customisation or building features can often be restrictive. The off the shelf providers are very protective of their code base, and prefer not to make changes unless it benefits all their customers.

This makes trying to steer slightly off the path to implement some custom additions to your product a very challenging process. Sometimes it is not even possible.

In contrast, custom built applications allow you to edit any part of the code base. Why? Because you own it. You own the product.

Bang. Two points down.

Two points down, let’s get to the next.

Pay less in the long run

Many IT and Marketing departments will look for off the shelf products for two reasons.

Firstly, it supposedly expedites the build process, allowing faster deployment and immersion into the market. Although this is often the case, it doesn’t always happen that quick. Many solutions market themselves as “"easy to deploy"”, or “"get up and running fast"”. Even the product demos can make the software look simple.

But this is part of the marketing strategy for off the shelf products. The reality is, once you purchase the software, you find your team will be knee deep in manuals and implementation guides as they learn to manage the product correctly.

Secondly, it is seemingly a cheaper alternative to a bespoke custom build. On the surface, this is true. However, these products almost always are subscription based, which means the fees are ongoing.

This can add up to costing more than a higher quality custom build after a few cycles of billing. And at the end of it all, you still have limited control and do not have ownership rights.

These are just some of the considerations.

Putting these points together forms a solid foundation for your understanding.

And if you have read this far, you clearly have a keen interest in custom built applications.

These are the main points to remember.

So choose wisely…

And there you have it. You should know be able to at least have a basic understanding of custom built applications vs off the shelf products.

Best to spend some time researching thoroughly before making a final choice. It’s recommended you research other sources of information on this topic.

If you enjoy reading about custom built applications, then hopefully you got something positive from this article.

Soon we will have more discuss in regards to this subject. Hopefully this knowledge is helpful for now.

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