10 Best Tips For Your Website to Succeed in Brisbane

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Want to get maximum impact for you website in Brisbane? Follow these tips and you can't go wrong!

1. Show, don’t tell

Text gets boring. Fast. Don’t blabber on about how great you are to your users. Show them instead.

Images, graphics, video, buttons, colours and typography are your biggest weapon against a user forgetting you exist two seconds after landing on your website. Expertly combining these in a way that visually showcases your offering in the best possible light is key.

All that hard work getting the user to your website. We want to build the foundation for a new intimate brand relationship. Don’t blow it. This means throw the long text paragraphs in the bin.

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2. Title Tag Magnets

Repeat after me: “Search Intent”. Get into the mindset of your target markets’ questions, problems and needs. What were they actually searching for that made your webpage show up in the results? Why would they want to click your result?

Your title tags need to correlate to their search intent. Done effectively, your result will scream out “click me, I am exactly what you’re looking for”! Or even better, tease them into having to click…

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3. Tactical Feedback Form

Reviews are all the rage. In some industries, a Google review will make or break you. So, rather than having all that dirty laundry aired for the world to see, and a declining star rating - do this:

Create a form on your website called feedback. Where possible, direct customers during / after engagements to this page for all feedback. If they choose positive responses on your feedback form (satisfied), then after they click submit, redirect the page to the Google Review Form. They can then add their 5 star rating there.

However, if they respond negatively (unsatisfied) to the feedback form, still capture the results, but redirect them to a “Thanks for the Feedback” page on your own site. Let’s try to keep those jaded souls away from our Google rating!

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4. Email Capture Tricks

People are rarely in the “Buy Now” mode when browsing online. Often they are in a research and discovery phase. Rather than putting a hard sell on these users, you can “cultivate the lead” over time. This requires some contact info. Ideally, their email.

Email is the perfect, non confrontational way to massage that lead into a potential buyer over time. You can begin building trust and authority.

How do you get this minor yet powerful detail without annoying users? Provide an incentive. Take your pick - a discount, an offer, a free something, a social media follow - whatever it takes.

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Semiotics is a study of symbols. And their meaning. Ask yourself - “What are the semiotics of a button?”

Buttons can be pressed. When pressed, something happens. Humans are conditioned to this from a young age. The inner 5 year old child in all of us feels innately compelled to press buttons. It’s in our behavioural DNA to push things that ought to be pressed.

Therefore, make all super important links look like buttons. In particular, your Call To Action links. Make them look so irresistibly button-like that a user has no choice but press or click on it. It’s an itch, and they simply can’t resist a scratch.

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6. Two places at once

People increasingly choose businesses from the Google Map snippet in search results. It’s vital to be showing there.

Google takes the user’s search location into account when displaying all results. For example, let’s say you have a Brisbane address listed for your Accounting business. Google will not list your website highly if the user is searching Gold Coast Accountants.

The answer? Setup a another business address in the Gold Coast. A virtual office will suffice. Add this second location to your Google Business profile. Now, when users search in Gold Coast for an accountant, you are a better match, and get a listing boost.

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7. Become 100 people

Running a business often means you wear 100 different hats. This can wear you down fast. The key to managing this is automation.

Social media is hugely daunting and time consuming. But getting your social platforms running 12 months worth of preplanned posts will save your sanity. You don’t even need to write the posts - use AI to grab context from your website and create engaging posts.

Get in touch for more automation methods that can help you spend more time on running a business

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8. Leverage ChatGPT

On the topic of automation, ChatGPT and other AI platforms are a game changer. But many businesses are yet to work out how to use it to their advantage.

It’s all in the way you ask the question.

Using the AI, you can instantly get SEO keywords, blog content, optimised ads, engaging meta tags, client outreach lists, high converting email chains, social posts and even business advice.

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9. SEO ain’t just Google

Google is super important, yes. However, don’t restrict your SEO efforts to just targeting Google. And I’m not just referring to targeting Bing and Yahoo either.

Your SEO should apply to EVERY platform that potentially shows your business as a result. This could be a food delivery app, local business directories, social media accounts, eCommerce stores like Etsy and eBay, Facebook Marketplace, service marketplaces like Fiverr, Airtasker, AirBnb - basically anything that can get you exposure!

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10. Must have Console

Most people have heard of Google Analytics. This shows how your website is performing. However, most people haven’t heard of the more important Google Search Console. Console allows you to actively manage how Google sees your website.

A mistake many businesses make is publishing a new page and expecting Google to index it automatically. Eventually it will find your page, but it could take months.

Get on the front foot and get your pages listed quicker by using Console to alert Google to new pages

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BONUS: The Value Bomb

Giving is caring. And customers love when you care about their wants and needs. Especially when they get it for nothing.

Whether is be a discount, special offer, sample, complimentary service, advice or download, you need to offer something of value to your target market.

It gives you a chance to demonstrate capability and build trust. And trust in your brand is paramount if you want to succeed online.

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