Our Story

Developing since the birth of the web…

Future Pixel is a modern digital agency which specialises in website development. We are based in Cremorne, Melbourne, Australia, Earth.

The founders of the company are Sean and Daniel. They have both been developing web solutions since the late ’90s, when internet technology was in its infancy.

They have been working as a team for over a decade and their vast experience means they know how to get results. We also know how to speak a language you will understand - so you won’t feel overwhelmed by “tech jargon”.

Passion & Experience

Future Pixel prides itself on being ahead of the pack. We don’t follow trends. We set them.

The only way to acheive this is to live and breathe web technology. And the only way to sustain that level of committment is to love it. And we do.

There is no substitute for passion and experience.

– Sean and Dan

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