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User Experience

Many Melbourne web designers merely design a website, test that it works from a technical standpoint then hand it off to be built. At Future Pixel, we want to ensure the the targeted user is not simply viewing the website – we want them to experience it.

We design web experiences

The web is more than simply writing and graphics on a digital page. For us, it's a interactive online brand experience for your business. Every time we undertake web development, we have the end user experience in mind.

This is why we are so excited by mobile web development. This gives us the opportunity to fine tune the brand experience in a new environment altogether. While on desktop and bigger screens we can serve more content, on the small screen we can really break down what the nuts and bolts behind you business entails.

Its important

Why? Your brand is the most valuable part of your business. It represents a trust. To maintain this with your customers you need to show that you care about them. You want them to feel comfortable with every connected brand experience they encounter with your business. Having a responsive web design means that they can experience your brand in comfort, regardless of the device.

Other experiences

We also provide usability testing which assists in utilising effective user experience design. By testing potential users within a targeted demographic, we can fine point what sort of user experience will be most effective and efficient for them.

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