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Usability Testing

So you have had your Digital agency build and deploy your website, and then nothing added for years. How are you to know if your website is actually effective? Are you reaching the right customers and do they know what to do when they are on your website?

What is Usability Testing

Definitely one of our favourite jobs. Its the process where we prepare several tasks for a test subject to undertake on your website and observe and analyse the results. Most businesses are shocked by just how confused some of the test users were when navigating through their site.

Its the website that is being tested, not the test subject.

How we do it

After discussing what points of the website need to be tested, we put together around 20 – 50 tasks for them to complete on the website. We both observe the test subject live and also record the screen movements using special screen capture software.

Every integral part of the web application is tested and analysed. When this is done, a usabiliy report loaded with recommendations is supplied to you. This often directs you as to what improvements need to be made and why. But we aren't all negative – we will also let you know what is working well too!

The mobile space

With new mobile web development now taking over the world, we can also test for mobile website usability.

This testing is often targeting a certain result, such as enticing a user feedback, contact or phone call.

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