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Touch Technology

Digital technology has moved belong the bounds of using the sense of sight. Now all senses are being used to give the user an interactive brand experience they can feel.

We are so excited by technology it hurts!

Everytime a new device or innovative web software is released we do flips. While some other Melbourne web design agencies may dread making their websites compatible to new technology, we welcome it to test our existing websites which utilise responsive design.

But hey, even though you aren't using a touch device you can still use it too! Its all about covering all popular cunsumer touchpoints and enabling interaction in alternative formats.

Get Touched

With a new trend towards mobile touch devices and touch enabled desktops, knowing the finer parts of how a user interacts with a touch application is a strength of ours.

Whether you require touch application development for a general kiosk, a cashier station or an interactive information display, we have you covered.

Drag, Drop, Spin, Swipe, Flick!

The world of touch is very cool. We use popular front end technologies often used in mobile web development to achieve intuitive results for the user experience.

We speak all the big guns in jQuery, MooTools, YUI and jQuery UI, and combine these technologies and make them play nicely.


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