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What does all this social media marketing jargon mean? More to the point, how can it help your business? Alot has been made of integrating social media into your wesbite, and we know the best ways to do it.

Keep it simple

When looking at a digital agency Melbourne, you are sure to be overwhelmed with all the social media strategies they hit you with. The fact is, the best way to engage your brand within social media is to get active in it.

What do we mean?

Using your Twitter account regularly to tweet deals on products or services is a fantastic way to utilise the communication medium. If things go well enough, hopefully you can get a few retweets and your brand goes viral!

Before getting to that stage though, its important to build your social media presence gradually over time. People aren't silly, they can spot a spammer from a mile away!

Its best to build up legitimate, real and lasting relationships with your fans or followers, as this will lead to great brand intimacy.

As for the website...

You will need only a select few social media widgets implemented during your web application development. From there, its up to you and the users to build the lasting bond which hopefully leads to a long and profitable relationship.

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