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CMS Integration

We believe the Content Management System should be geared towards regular client usability, rather than developer or IT gurus. It should be straight forward, secure and intuitive. We have the answer.

CMS made simple

We have managed to simplify the CMS usability so much, that we even use it OURSELVES for this website.

The CMS framework accommodates the the basic maintenance needs for any website, yet alos has other powerful features which can be switched on if required. The user interface design takes advantage of drag and drop technology and the interface in general is a breeze to navigate.

Most of our clients gets the jist of how to use the CMS within minutes.

Unlike other CMS solutions on the market, this one is not clunky or slow loading, meaning you can quickly log in and make a few changes fast.

Need an online shop?

We also have CMS solutions for ecommerce website design as well, which makes managing the products, orders, fulfilment notices and pricing simple.

Equally simple to use, our ecommerce CMS will handle all the nitty gritty security and payments handling and provide natural SEO to products and categories when created. It can also fit beautifully in with your mobile website design to maximise your total customer reach.

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