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4 Considerations for going mobile

Having a responsive web design for mobile platforms is something that every major site has considered recently for various reasons. After all, the mobile niche makes up 67% of the entire market and it would not be a good idea to shut off such a major percentage of users for your site.

1. Think about budet

Overhauling your web design for mobile platforms will always entail cost. The reason for this is that certain sites need to be rebuilt from scratch so as to be friendly to mobile users. If your site’s layout is not mobile friendly from the start, you can expect bigger expenses for your redesign.

In addition, some specialists will give their clients the option of creating another version of the site exclusive for use in mobile platforms. Obviously, maintaining two different versions of the same site will cost you a pretty penny. That's why a responsive website solution is the way to go.

2. Set a deadline

Optimizing your web design for mobile devices will take time. If your site really needs to be built from scratch, you may run the risk of having little to no web traffic at all for a few days. Fortunately, SEO companies only recommend overhauling your site if the content really needs it. 

3. Consistency across devices

The differences between desktop and mobile devices can lead to very different user experiences. In short, what can be easy and fulfilling in one platform might not necessarily be the same in another platform. Specialists will have to consider multiple screen sizes and user interfaces to make any site responsive to all platforms.

4. Conversion rates

Lastly, site analysts would have to consider whether responsive web design for mobile platforms can lead to more conversions. This, of course, pertains to retailers and sales websites.  While these businesses would give importance to mobile web design, those that do not necessarily need conversions will not really have much use for a more responsive mobile web design.

The issue of whether or not to redesign your mobile website into a more responsive one could be resolved by taking a good look at your business goals.

Ultimately, you have to think about what you want your customers to experience while browsing through your website using their mobile devices. 

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