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Responsive Design a Must for Businesses

Responsive design is a new approach for developing a website that automatically reacts according to the dimensions of the user’s screen. Aside from that, it also possesses essential characteristics which is why responsive design is a must in today's businesses.


1. It expands the business' reach to mobile and tablet viewers.

Undoubtedly, smart phones and tablets are not losing its popularity any time soon. This is why responsive design has soared in its popularity, too. In the traditional approach, users were forwarded to a mobile site with “m” prefix in the URL. With responsive, a website works extremely well on any device. With increasingly more users depending exclusively on their portable devices, businesses just cannot risk getting left behind on this sort of custom.

2. It takes the offline surfing experience to a whole new level.

One of the reasons why responsive design should never be overlooked by business owners is its offline functionality. Even though the online benefits of a responsive website are already nearly boundless, it can still get better with its ability to make the website usable even when the user is not connected to the internet. By making use of the offline browsing functions of HTML5, business owners now have the ability to access their website content even when they are away from home. Considering the variety of smart phones and tablets that are HTML5 enabled, this offline functionality gets more and more necessary. For instance, users can easily view the contents in online apps and email newsletters even when they are traveling and there is no net connection.

3. It helps cut costs and save time across the board.

Apart from all the other factors why responsive design is beneficial, being able to save on money and time is on top of the list of goals and concerns of any kind of business when looking at their company costs. The initial cost on investment of a responsive website design is generally there. Yet, it must also be taken into account that there are going to be short term and long term savings across the board. That will make each second invested in the conversion more than worth it.  

With one responsively structured site, there isn't really any need for several website testing and developments. Maintenance and support is not going to be necessary anymore. There is also no need to hire the different specialists for the different platforms. 

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