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How Responsive Design Can Change Your Website

Having a static website simply will not cut it for your business. The more modern, and perhaps more profitable, way of having online presence is to have a website with a responsive design.

The key these days is to engage your consumers by giving them the chance to connect to you through their mobile devices. A responsive design makes user interaction in mobile platforms like smart phones and tablet PCs possible.

The Mobile Revolution

It’s not only through desktop PCs that your consumers can connect with you.  With mobile gadgets having internet connectivity, your consumers can take advantage of the mobile revolution and gain access to you anytime, anywhere.  

However, mobile devices employ very different interfaces when it comes to the way consumers can navigate through a site. Whereas PCs have a point-and-click system, mobile devices use either touch screen or manual scrolling via buttons. Also, the screen size is to be considered as mobile devices have far smaller screens compared to their big brothers.  It is at these two aspects where a mobile user’s internet experience can either be fulfilling or downright frustrating.

It is important to remember that mobile users take up a considerable percentage of the market. Studies even show that most individuals would initiate an online sales transaction via mobile devices (and complete it on a larger device). If you have a website that offers products and are not thinking about responsive design, you are missing out on a considerable percentage of the market.


Making sure your website design is responsive for all devices will be an advantage. For mobile users, making the site friendly to their devices will mean that they no longer have to work with a watered-down version of a site (which mostly happens to unresponsive site designs). A responsive site design will make sure that all features found in a site’s desktop version will be present at its mobile counterpart.

Also, incorporating a responsive design can give you the opportunity to add mobile-exclusive features to your site. By giving more opportunities to your visitors to interact with your site, you are thereby increasing your web traffic which indirectly leads to better rankings at the search engines. 

Giving your web design an overhaul with a responsive design is always considered a good idea. The only thing you have to make sure is it complements well with the other factors in your site like its products and contact systems. Once updated, your site can easily be recognized and visited across all platforms.

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