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Advantages Of Responsive Web Design

Studies have shown that more than fifty percent of people who use the Internet will not use a company that does not have a good mobile website, and forty percent of those people will choose to use a competitor’s website over one that is poorly designed. This highlights the importance of having a well designed website that is easy for customers to use and is also aesthetically pleasing.

Website Design Evolution

Website design began in the early 1990s and has evolved over the course of the last two decades. Originally, websites were all text based with text that was written using HTML in a single column. Once it was possible to add multiple columns, organization improved and images could be added. Websites were made more attractive in the late years of 1990 with the development of flash. JavaScript was developed in the early years of 2000 and was improved over the decade. This tool now replaces tables for layout design. XML is also now being developed in order to increase the ability of computers to understand websites on human levels.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Depending on the different device that is accessing the site, the website will need to adopt its layout to fit the particular screen. This is done with responsive design. For example, a website may have large images spread throughout several different columns on a computer screen, but must change to smaller images in order to be viewed on a mobile website.

Responsive design is based on three elements. They are:

  1. Fluid grids
  2. Fluid images
  3. Media queries

Fluid grids allow for page layouts to expand and contract based on the size of the screen of the mobile device. These grids are based on proportions. When a layout is stretched or squeezed the elements of the page will change their widths with respect to the other elements on the page.

By putting some constraints on an image, it can be made to fit into a fluid grid that allows it to fit within its specific container even when it is stretched or contracted.

Media queries allow for websites to target the specific characteristics of the mobile device which is requesting access to the website. This stops the website from falling apart when it is viewed in a device that is too narrow.

Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design increases the access to your website. Customers can view it 24/7 and from all different types of devices. Without a website that can adapt to the screens of different mobile devices, you will lose a large chunk of customers that are constantly on the move.

Many websites designed for mobile use do not allow customers to utilize the same features they may get on a computer. With responsive design, your customers will save time when navigating your mobile website looking for certain features.

Search engine optimization is also a good reason to use responsive web design. When you are looking to create links to your website, if you have different websites for each device, it lessens the hits you get on your specific website. Each link can be directed to the same site with responsive web design.

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