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Advantages of Responsive Web Development

Responsive web development has specific coding and technology that expands, reduces, and aesthetically changes the structure of a website whenever a user views it on a variety of non-computer devices, such as tablets, eReaders, mobile phones or smart TVs.

Even if responsive websites make use of HTML code that is just the same as their computer versions, there are still a few modifications to be made to the CSS to make sure the content is shown aesthetically on various devices.

What are the advantages of responsive web development?

1. A responsive website eradicates the call to develop a different website that is specifically structured for mobile phones and another one for tablets. With this, there is no longer a need to reprogram the website from scratch, which consequently indicates saving a lot of cash on web development.

2. Updating the contents of a responsive website can be done in just a single place. Since responsive web development only adds some coding to a standard site, content updates do not really need to be performed on different static and mobile websites.

3. Making a website that is responsive can have a favorable impact on its search engine optimization. The content of a static website is exactly the same as that of a mobile website. Because of this, search engines no longer have to crawl to the two website versions.

4. Responsive web development automatically resizes forms, texts, buttons and images in order to take full advantage of screen space. Hence, the text becomes easily readable, the photos go adequately with the screen size, and the buttons are quickly selectable. When users view standard sites on tablets or mobile phones, they would need to use their fingers to change the size of the contents, which can be a hassle and time consuming.

5. Using responsive websites makes it much easier to ensure getting the suitable content in front of their potential customers as soon as they need it, particularly when the business is performing an email marketing strategy. A lot of users go through their emails while commuting or waiting in queue. When the site is responsive, they can very easily navigate to the site and enjoy their experience rather than having to remember revisiting the website at another time.

6. The overall appearance of a responsive website is modernistic. It basically harmonizes with the current web standards. Internet sites that are developed merely for computers may look outdated and hard to deal with when uploaded to advanced mobile devices.

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